New Trends in Agriculture: Vertical and Organic Farming

Technology is an evolving process which touches different fields if human life. Agriculture is no different. Gone are the days when agriculture used age old technologies in order to farming which yielded low quantities and qualities of crops yet much effort had to be given even for that. Now technologies enable man to yield a greater amount of crops without putting much physical effort.

The new trend in agriculture is constantly changing but even amidst the changes, there are two concepts which are of utmost importance.

Those two concepts are vertical farming and organic farming.

Vertical farming is a system where plants, Fungi, crops are cultivated for foods, fuels etc artificially by stacking them one above the other (thus the name vertical farming). It is a large-scale production in urban areas where the size of space carries one of the most significant factors. This concept is even more advanced than greenhouse system as it involves a vertical array of positioning which could lead to effective and efficient utilization of land. Its advantages include increased production even in urban areas. As it utilizes less land, hence more efficient mechanism is taking a place here. Not to mention, vertical farming is environmentally friendly. As it is done in urban areas with efficient land utilization, it promotes the growth of the forest.

Organic farming is also known as ecological farming as, the crops that are produced here, and the whole procedure doesn’t have any negative effect on the environment. Sustainability is one of the important features of organic farming. Since organic farming is also ecological farming, it promotes a growth of production yet without taking any toll on the environment. Since organic farming promotes ecological environmental friendly nature, biodiversity can be enriched. But it also has some setbacks such as there will be a rise in the need for labor. Hence it is always not a viable option.